It all started when…

Dennis Staffne is an artist/designer, photographer and educator. He has been involved with art and photography since childhood. His BFA and MFA were earned from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago with an emphasis in both photography and printmaking. Originally from St. Louis, Missouri, Dennis now divides his time between Michigan and St. Louis.

His photographic work includes a wide range of subjects from floral still lifes to urban environments. An impression of composition and light are important in all of his work. Discovery of visual order from a seemingly chaotic world is both challenging and creatively rewarding. The resulting images portray a character of design, beauty and intrigue. Certainly, a sense of emotion is felt in his photographic work.

Always, design/composition and technical finese are of great importance. Both film based and digital based images are employed. Prints are made with the greatest concern for quality and longevity. Paper selection is made with criteria developed from experience with printmaking. His portfolio include images utilizing full color and others that are monochromatic. The monochromatic images retain a subtly of warmth in their tonality.

Dennis wishes to collaborate with designers and/or consultants to make his work available in corporate, commercial or residential settings. His work is appropriate for this usage and he works well with other professionals.

BFA and MFA | School of the Art Institute of Chicago